Teenagers in Georgia Attacking Cruz

I and fellow Conservatarian writer Jason were in Atlanta, Georgia for Ted Cruz’s rally at Liberty Plaza this Saturday and we noticed this polite group of protesters.  They were all excellent young men who were all genuinely nice people only problem is they had absolutely zero interest in politics.

As a Rand Paul supporter considering Ted Cruz I was open to hear these young men’s (who didn’t even look 18) gripes so I asked them  why they were protesting Ted Cruz. There was no real answer. I suggested “Are y’all libertarians who don’t like something Cruz said? Are you you independents or anything?”. I got no response. I even asked them why they would waste their Saturday evening coming to something they had absolutely no interest in. I did atleast get an “I don’t know” to that. Interestingly however I didn’t even get the reasons listed on their signs!

Then I noticed this sign and thought about it a little bit.

Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs Financed No Down Payment Needed

Professionally Made Protest Sign. Would Have Cost at least $10 to make.

I asked the kid holding it, “where did you get that sign?”. I got absolutely no response, the young man just froze up. I said “that’s a really nice sign, did you make it?”. Still no response. The sign was made of a plastic material that was clearly professionally made and was just like another sign that read “Ted Cruz, Used Car Salesman”. The signs would probably cost about $10/each to make (assuming only one print was made) and for someone their age it would seem strange they wouldn’t use that money on Taco Bell or something, especially since they already told me they don’t care about politics.

At that moment it clicked, I asked the young men “are y’all getting paid?” From this I got even further silence. It all made sense. Why they would waste their Saturday morning, have such nice signs and all with no real political beliefs unless they were making money? Which I personally believe they were. Shoot when I was their age I’d probably be down to troll some people and get paid $25-50 for the afternoon too.

Now paying political operatives is not super uncommon however it shows a lack of grassroots support or opposition. Ted Cruz is very popular in the red state of Georgia and my conclusion is someone doesn’t want him to be. That could be Rubio or most likely Trump but whoever it is chances are they have money to spend and don’t want others to know they are spending it. My guess is Trump because when they left they said “well we have to go, gotta be somewhere soon.” My guess is the Marco Rubio rally happening 30 minutes away on the other side of town. However nothing is confirmed as of yet, just some mildly shady protesting.

NOTE: (The young men in this story were very nice so I blacked out their faces. I do not want them to get any ill will from any side)
This is an open story, if we get any updates on  this we’ll make sure to post them.