Tuesday night John Kasich vaulted himself back into relevancy spurred on by his win in New Hampshire and the falsehood that he is some sort of anti-Trump. However do not be fooled Trump and Kasich are just a different shade of the same Authoritarian cloth. Kasich often attacks Trump saying he refuses to speak on substance or issue. This coming from a man that never said his Democratic Opponent in his last gubernatorial campaign once and that spent over $600,000 just to keep his Libertarian opponent off the ballot. Kasich was so scared to talk about the issues that he broke the law just to make sure he didn’t have too.

This whole story seems pretty unbelievable in 49/50 states in the union. The narrative Kasich’s campaign pushes is he is a popular conservative Governor that won his first term on the tea party wave in 2010 then a landslide victory in his re-election campaign. But believe me this narrative is a thinly veiled lie. Most my posts are not this long but I made it this length so you would understand what Kasich did and why he did it.

Don’t Republicans In Ohio Like Kasich?

Well Republicans did like Kasich in 2010 during his victory off the Tea Party wave. However after his win he showed his true liberal self and feelings changed. Kasich started by passing Obamacare Medicaid Expansion through executive fiat, endorsing Common Core curriculum, increasing spending at a faster rate than even his Democratic predecessor did and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say in 2014 Kasich was not a popular man at all especially in Tea Party and conservative circles. Conservatives were planning a takeover of Ohio’s highest executive office and that meant getting Kasich out of his seat. Tea Party Republican’s had a problem though; they didn’t field a candidate before the filing end of the deadline. So John Kasich won his Primary unopposed with a highly irate base.

What Happened To The Democrat In The Race
With all the above said this was the Ohio Democrats time to shine, Kasich was weak. Democrats didn’t even have to provide a good candidate and they probably would have won. The liberal base was still mad about the one conservative thing Kasich (Standing Against Public Unions, it failed) and they were ready to hit back. However Democrats didn’t field a decent candidate or a bad candidate. Democrats literally fielded the worst candidate they could find. They chose Cleveland area politician Ed Fitzgerald, a married CIA agent who was found in a car with a woman at about 3 in the morning who drove without a driver’s license for years while legislating against those doing the same thing. Within a week of announcing candidacy he had to recall his running mate (Eric Kearney)for Lieutenant Governor and find a new one because it was found he owed 1 million dollars in back taxes. Ed Fitzgerald was literally such a bad candidate down the ticket candidates and the Ohio Democratic Party started openly complaining and campaigning that they were not tied to him.

Failed Democratic Candidate, Ed Fitzgerald speaking to a crowd in Ohio.

Failed Democratic Candidate, Ed Fitzgerald speaking to a crowd in Ohio.

So a little recap…
-John Kasich had no primary opponent
-Republicans still didn’t like John Kasich
-John Kasich’s Democratic opponent was useless
-John Kasich was ready to sail to victory

But wait…

Enter Charlie Earl

John Kasich’s one true competitor came from a truly strange place, a third party. That third party candidate was Kasich’s former co-worker Charlie Earl.

Charlie Earl, Libertarian Candidate for Ohio Governor

Charlie Earl, Libertarian Candidate for Ohio Governor

Charlie Earl was and still is a former Republican that switched to the Libertarian Party. Charlie was an unusual Libertarian candidate for the simple fact that he was actually very electable. And that’s what made John Kasich so scared of him.

If you wanted to create your perfect candidate you’d most likely create Mr.Earl. Charlie had former experience as a State Representative serving with John and now Senator Sherrod Brown from 1981 – 1985. He could articulate himself well after a career in teaching and radio. He was a devout Christian and pastor which translated well with Tea Party crowds. Finally he had strong name recognition and favorability. Running against a popular conservative secretary of state Earl got 5% of the vote in 2010 as a Libertarian!

Charlie Earl was John Kasich’s nightmare personified. A strong dynamic challenger well-liked by the very grassroots that so hated Kasich so much. On top of that all insider sources from liberty minded State Reps said internal polling from ORP (Ohio Republican Party) showed Charlie Earl garnering 15% of the vote without even campaigning. Even worse for Kasich when matched up against Earl, Earl got a stunning 33% without campaigning. After working so hard his whole life to be president and a third party candidate was going to take that from him, Kasich wasn’t okay with that. So he broke the law, he cheated.

Kasich was scared to debate this man, Charlie Earl.

Kasich was scared to debate this man, Charlie Earl.

John Kasich was too terrified to debate Mr.Earl on the issues so he spent $600,000 just too keep Charlie Earl’s name off the ballot. Kasich’s team within ORP used rare and shady legal maneuvers and even a fake Libertarian named Greg Felsoci (paid to act against Earl by the Ohio Republican Party). The federal judge involved in the case, Michael Watson, even said “To state the obvious, Felsoci’s testimony, as well as the other evidence in the record, supports an inference that operatives or supporters of the Ohio Republican Party orchestrated the protest that Felsoci signed.”

“To state the obvious, Felsoci’s testimony, as well as the other evidence in the record, supports an inference that operatives or supporters of the Ohio Republican Party orchestrated the protest that Felsoci signed.” – Michael Watson, US Federal Judge

John Kasich and his team knew Mr.Earl’s start up campaign did not have the capital required to fight the costly legal battle they presented. They also knew they had no case, they just knew John Kasich could not debate the issues with a principled constitutionalist like Charlie Earl. But what Kasich’s team of cronies didn’t know was if this would ever happen again. But just to make sure it didn’t they passed a highly unconstitutional bill to limit third party ballot restrictions and decrease their future competition.

John Kasich has tried to make his whole presidential campaign about the “issues” but that is the one thing he didn’t want to talk about then and I’m sure doesn’t want to talk about now. If John Kasich was serious about talking the issues he would talk to Ohioans about why he broke election law because he was too scared to debate a Libertarian.

If you want a more in depth telling of this information with a few more stats, facts, figures and details then please check out this piece I did for VoicesOfLiberty.com on this same topic.