Greg BrannonThe man is Greg Brannon. Greg is at his core a Christian constiututionalist who first made his break onto the political scene nearly three years ago to face future Republican In Name Only North Carolina US Senator Thom Tillis unsuccessfully for one of their home state seats. Since that time Greg has ran again for senate against the state’s other RINO senator Richard Burr and not won again. However Greg and us at The Conservatarian are hoping three times is a charm as Dr.Brannon (an OBGYN) runs again for The House Of The Representatives in his home district against another liberal in Republican clothes.

What Makes Greg Different?
The question we all ask because unfortunately many good politicians talk a good game but then vote the complete opposite of all they said to stand for. Greg is different because he truly understands this nation’s past to clearly help road map our future.

1.Greg Knows The Bible & The Constitution
Greg is the most read up politician I have ever seen. Not only can Dr.Brannon tell you why he believes what he believes but why our founding fathers AND most importantly why our heavenly father would support that position. It seems that absolutely everything Greg supports either comes from a strong understanding of the constitution or an unshakable belief in God. When Brannon tells you something he does not only explain the stance to you but then goes to pull a relevant quote from what our founders said or a scripture said nearly word for word in many instances.

Below is a clip you can see for your self of Greg in action

2.Greg Brannon Will & Already Has Stood Against The Establishment
After the 2012 primary when Dr.Brannon lost to Tillis one of the first things he was asked to do was “rally the troops”. The Republican establishment wanted Greg to lie to himself, his supporters and all North Carolinians and say Thom Tillis was a conservative. But Greg refused! Dr.Greg Brannon chose principles over party and political advantage to do what was right.

Dr.Brannon effectively chose the citizens he was to represent over his own political interests and he’s not even in office yet. Ask yourself how many politicians tell us they will do the same exact thing then refuse when it comes to any meaningful legislation. I can personally say I’ve seen this dozens of times with the Cromnibus bill, Obamacare and even the recent government shutdown. With a Congressman Greg Brannon I am assured he will not just do what he said he will but he will go above and beyond to defend our bill of rights.

3.Greg Brannon Will Use His Office The Way Our Founding Fathers Meant It To Be Used.
There is a very large difference between understanding the constitution and solely working within it. The bible says demons know Jesus is lord and the savior of mankind (Luke 8, Demons Cast Into Pig) (Devotional) but they refuse to follow him. At the same token many members of congress know what the constitution is and what it says but refuse to follow it. That statement however cannot be said of Dr.Greg Brannon.

Article 1, Section 8 clearly defines the rules and responsibilities given to US congressmen in our nation’s House of Representatives. Unfortunately though many do not follow the rules of congress (passing bills they have no authority to) or accept the responsibilities (defunding unconstitutional laws or government agencies) they are supposed hold. This has put our country in peril.

Just like a company with 535 employees (congress & senate) if no one does their jobs then that company will be in a lot of trouble. If only one of those employees starts to work and show their bosses (American citizens) what a good employee is then other employees start to shape up so they don’t lose their job. Good news with this company is the employers (WE THE PEOPLE) have woke up and are starting to to see the real from the fake. As more good employees like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Justin Amash and more show themselves the more of a difference these good employees make.

In closing America has a chance at hiring a very good employee worthy of even the employee of the month plaque! But we need to make sure we do not mess this up. Greg is right now doing great in internal polling. The average amount needed to win the congressional district Greg is winning in is about 7,000. Dr.Brannon can get that, he has nearly 7,000 patients in his congressional district alone who he helped birth their child each with a significant meaning he’s helped 14,000 in the district have children. In his race for senate just a few months back Brannon already got nearly 27,000 in the district.

This race is ours for the taking or ours for the losing.  Greg Brannon will be this country’s greatest freedom fighter and will take on both parties R or D. The establishment does not want him, lets show them we do.

How We Can Help
Donation - iBackBrannon - TheConservatarian
The easiest thing you can do. Click on this picture to the left and sign up to make phone calls. Talk to people about liberty. You probably already do but this time you won’t be losing Tinder matches or chances to get married (lol). Use your phone and you can make calls into Greg’s district no matter where you are.
Donation - iBackBrannon - TheConservatarian
If you can’t make calls just help Greg pay other volunteers in the form of free pizza to. A simple donation of just $20.16 can do a ton! That could be two pizza, two television spots on MeTV or maybe even a morning radio commercial.
Donation - iBackBrannon - TheConservatarian

One of the most important thing you can do, work a polling location!

A sign may change someones mind 1% of the time. Someone at the polls can change minds 25% of the times. Volunteer one whole day and I think they even give you a free shirt. If you are within 100 miles that is just a 2 hour drive to be part of history.

The most important though is prayer and action. Pray for Greg to win and pray he will have continued courage to do the right thing. Help Dr.Brannon take back this country. We at The Conservatarian are and that’s why we are proud to back Brannon. I hope you’ll the same.

In Liberty