Within the past day sources from Townhall to ABC News and everything in between have been reporting on the very real possibility of Donald Trump dropping out of the presidential race in the face of numerous scandals and intraparty feuds. It is said top ranking officials are looking for a new candidate to beat Hillary Clinton and unite the Republican party. Though I am doubtful Trump would ever voluntarily resign as the Republican nominee (which is required) I do think there is one man that would be perfect as the nominee of the Republican party. That man is our first presidential endorsement Rand Paul.

Americans are sick and tired of crooked politicians like Hillary Clinton and want someone that can properly run our country. That person the American people want is Rand Paul.

Rand Paul the son of former Congressman Ron Paul is the ultimate outsider. Paul understands government but he is not controlled by the government or one dominant party. Rand Paul gets things done and is cordial with both Republican party heads (McConnell & Ryan) but he still breaks away from them to push important issues such as 4th amendment freedoms going as far as even shutting down the NSA (even if just for a day) against the will of his party. Rand even practices what he preaches. When Rand says he wants a balanced budget he first balanced his own office’s budget and returned money to the tax payers. Instead of ask then act he puts his money where his mouth is (literally) by returning 1.8 million dollars in unused senate funds.

Below are reasons Rand will attract voters from each core party demographics.


gop - The ConservatarianRepublicans who are said to “fall in line” ironically haven’t this year. #NeverTrump Republicans are an overwhelming presence in the Republican Party and even were at The Republican Convention where a large amount of delegates tried nearly everything they could to get another nominee. If Rand Paul was the Republican nominee all these #NeverTrump Republicans would fall in line. Cruzers would love a principled conservative on the ticket, Kasich supporters would probably like he lives in a state next to Ohio and most other Republicans would just appreciate the fact he isn’t Trump.

For the third time in a row all Republicans need to do to win is literally get out and vote. Unfortunately for the third time in a row the Republican Party has nominated a moderate for their presidential nominee, having Rand Paul replace Donald Trump could fix that. Rand Paul is a rock solid conservative with a pro-life and free market record (the opposite of Donald Trump). Republicans would not only vote for Rand but would be excited for Rand and people young enough to go door to door would actually go door to door. Imagine how nice it would be to see our nominee in the headlines for something positive instead of negative. That is what you would get with a Paul nomination.


Dem- The Conservatarian
The other major party. Normally courting these voters would not make sense but it totally does given the fact everyone hates and distrusts Clinton even those within the party (shout-out to the bern-outs).

Rand is a Republican who is not afraid to go across the isle to get things done in areas Democrats value such as civil rights, dovish foreign policy and 4th amendment rights. Rand has talked with major liberal senators such as Cory Booker and Ron Wyden and tried to come to agreements to advance liberty in areas of agreement. Democrats would see Rand as “the only Republican they could see themselves voting for”. Some might not but with how he has recently been tearing into Hillary Clinton I’m sure many Democrats would turn once they see what a liar and cheat she is.


Libertarian - The ConservatarianPaul, his last name is Paul. Should I say any more?

Rand Paul is the heir to the libertarian political dynasty and contrary to Gary Johnson is actually a Libertarian. Prior to the Libertarian nomination we actually even took a poll which the majority of Libertarians said they would actually rather nominate Ron Paul (Rand’s dad) then their favorite candidate. If Rand Paul were on the general ballot the Libertarian party would lose the massive majority of their support but the liberty movement would see a tremendous boost. Imagine someone that not only believes in fiscal libertarianism but also social libertarianism. Gary “Cake The Bake” Johnson would be absolutely wrecked going against a real libertarian not that we would see a debate because Rand entering would assure only a 2 party debate.


Independents - The Conservatarian
The most tricky of the parties to court because many by and large their beliefs are not solid or they are mainly one issue voters. But no matter how one issue they are or confused in their beliefs they are no one wants to vote for a liar. Generally honesty is one of the most important things people look for in a candidate and even “One Issue” voters take it into play because if you can’t trust what someone says then it doesn’t matter what they say on your issue. Currently Hillary Clinton is near a 61% dishonesty rating (Fox News 8/3) while Rand is looked at as one of the most honest members of the senate. Rand has kept his word staying a strong conservative in the senate and even his word to back not only Romney but even Trump himself. Though I don’t like the endorsements it shows he sticks to his word.

Independents will like Rand Paul even more though for his common sense stances. His catchphrase “Defeat The Washington Machine, Establish The American Dream”. Rand will if appointed show how average everyday Americans are effected by Big government then show how he will destroy it. Rand’s most popular position, the “Read The Bills” act. 24 hours of reading for every 20 pages of text. It is combined with his other positions something that will win over America.

To be honest this is all speculation but if Donald Trump really steps down we Conservatarians should be ready to offer a good candidate to replace him. Whether it be a Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Mike Lee we need to take this opportunity if it presents itself to put a real statesman in the running instead of another Big City con-man like we have now.