UPDATE: Gary E. Johnson is not Gary Johnson but A delegate from Michigan that just happens to have Johnson’s same exact First name, Last name and middle intial. (Source)

Today The Johnson campaign came out with a press release trying to claim him as the presumptive nominee and position him as the current front runner for his party’s nomination. This can only be seen as an attempt to fight back against the actual front runner Austin Petersen (who has won most post debate polls and online polling including our own) just received the coveted endorsement of Political Consultant and new Libertarian Mary Matalin and has seemingly locked down Glenn Beck’s support.

The list seems rather rushed to be released before the convention and like there is a certain amount of fill added. Below are all the names listed from Johnson’s press release and who the people are including the line where he includes himself presumably for filler (original list) Interestingly enough this list also includes three advisory members of his SuperPAC Our American Initiative. It seems Johnson was desperate for names so filled in already known supporters.

Benjamin Allbright – Sports Radio Host (Endorsement)

Kelly Boudreaux – Works For Johnson’s SuperPAC Our American Intiative (bio)

Rudy Carpenter – Pro-Football Quarterback (Endorsement) (bio)

Ed Clark – Libertarian Presidental Nominee in 1980 (bio)

Audrey Clement – Works For Johnson’s SuperPAC Our American Intiative (bio)

Ed Crane – Co-founder of The Cato Institute (bio)

Hal Gill – Pro-Hockey Player (Endorsement) (bio)

Jim Gray – Johnson’s Running Mate From 2012

Alan Gura – Lawyer Who Defended 2nd Amendment To Supreme Court (bio)

Bill Hall – State Board Of Education Member (bio)

Mark Hinkle – Former National Libertarian Party Chairman (bio)

Gary E. Johnson – Literally it is just Gary Johnson himself, listing himself like his liking his own Facebook status. Like we didn’t think he supported himself. Here is his wiki showing his middle name Earl (See Update Above this is actually a Libertarian delegate with Johnson’s same name)

Rob Kampia – Cofounder of Marijuana Policy Project (bio)

Steve Kerbel – 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate (bio)

John Kiriakou – Associate Fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies and Huffington Post Blogger (bio)

Ben Kissel – Libertarian Podcast Host (bio)

Charles Kuck – Atlanta Immigration Attorney (bio)

Guy McLendon – Libertarian Activist (bio)

Mike Munger – Economist & 2008 Libertarian Candidate For North Carolina Governor (bio)

Krist Novoselic – Bassist Of Nirvana (bio)

Tom Palmer – Senior Fellow At The Cato Institute (bio)

Bill Redpath – Works For Johnson’s SuperPAC Our American Intiative & Libertarian Political Candidate (bio)

Emily Salvette – Libertarian Political Candidate (bio)

Robert Sarvis – Left Leaning Libertarian Candidate For Virginia Governor (bio)

Mark Scribner – Fellow At Competitive Enterprise Institute (bio)

Bill Sloane – Pennsylvania Party Official (Info Found Here)

Michael Strong – Owner Of FLOW (bio)

Teller – American Magician and Half Of Penn & Teller (Endorsement)

Mark Thornton – Senior Fellow At Mises Institute (bio)

Richard Winger – Editor of Ballot Access News (bio)

Adrian Wylie – Libertarian Candidate For Florida Governor (bio)

What do you think of this list?