Rand Paul was the Libertarian Party Nominee He Would Be Getting 20-21% Of The Vote

Interesting perspective on Fox News this week. Fox News Analyst & former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said on the slightly libertarian leaning show “The Five”…

“Imagine if Senator Rand Paul had decided to run as a Libertarian, I think he could probably be getting 21. 22… percent of the vote right now. And he would have been on the debate stage.”

Dana Perino says Paul would be doing around 8 points better than current nominee Gary Johnson because of his ability to present libertarian ideas in a better fashion. This definitely hits close to home for us here at The Conservatarian since we have not yet been able to yet “Feel The Johnson” due to his pro-abortion, anti-religious liberty and other many left leaning positions outside of traditional libertarian views that he seems to express before turning his remaining time over to his moderate VP choice Bill Weld. Not to mention “Feeling the Johnson” is just a weird slogan, was there no better slogan to rip-off?

However The Conservatarian is not alone as other liberty minded websites such as LibertyHangout.com, TheResurgent.com, TheBlaze.com and others have been unable to make an official endorsement because both the LP and GOP candidates are so far to liberal. Even prominent Republican Legislators such as Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and Michigan Congressmen Justin Amash have been unable to endorse due to disliking all candidates (LP included). Chances are strong if Rand Paul was the nominee this would not be the case, he would most likely have all our endorsements.

(Dana starts talking about Rand around 28:20)