At last night’s College Football Playoff Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs, President Trump once again put America first.  The President took to the field with the Color Guard before the game to stand with his hand over his heart and sung along with our National Anthem. Because apparently everything has to be polarizing, some on the Left have criticized the move as self-aggrandizing or claimed that he looked like he doesn’t know the lyrics, but they are missing the point: the debate about the anthem is over and baited liberals to re-engage on the issue will just make them look foolishly hyper-critical.

The hysterical idiocy of Anti-Trump liberals in the mainstream media made them take the bait and pigeonholed themselves into a losing argument, again. Trump has framed the NFL kneeling as disrespectful to the Nation and invigorated red-blooded Americans to stand with him in his love of the Country. The left has to argue on these terms, while polls have been wildly inconsistent, the dramatic drop the NFL experienced in viewership after the President’s initial call against the protest speaks for itself. Responding to their hemorrhaging fandom, the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell capitulated and said players should stand for the National Anthem. The debate was over, and President Trump won. The Left, who can never miss an opportunity to insult Donald Trump decided to say that he doesn’t know the lyrics to the Anthem to discredit him on the issue.

The idea that President Trump doesn’t know the words to the National Anthem is irrelevant because it begs the question: If it isn’t important to stand for the Anthem, why is it important to flawlessly deliver it’s lyrics? By considering the left’s defense of Anthem protesters it’s clear that this criticism is plainly hypocritical, and small.

The Anti-Trump media has become entrenched in their defense of the NFL protests, claiming that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is justified in his claims about American systematic oppression of black people, despite being paid millions to warm the bench. The NFL anthem protests were widespread with over 200 participants, including large portions of teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns knelt for the National Anthem without a word of criticism from the Democrat media. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch involvement in the protest is also worth note. Last November, the Raiders played a game held in Mexico City, Mexico, where Lynch remained seated for the Star Spangled Banner, and then rose for the Mexican national anthem. Lynch received praise from leftists for his blatantly unpatriotic action.

Other liberal troupes used to trivialize the issue include that the Anthem is a pointless piece of military propaganda that really shouldn’t be sung at a sporting event and that the Anthem is merely a song which isn’t symbolic of our values. Those same folk who spouted these talking points are saying now that it is unacceptable for the President to appear to stumble on the lyrics. If Anti-Trump leftists want to remain even remotely intellectually honest they need to explain why it is necessary that the President sings the Anthem perfectly while supporting Colin Kaepernick and his former colleagues.

There is no actual evidence in the video to prove the President doesnt know the lyrics to our National Anthem. It is not shocking that the media ran with this though. As they have for 2 years now, their attacks are lacking any substance to begin with, boiling down to calling him dumb.

Given the attacks on his patriotism and intellegence by the mainstream media, I challenge those critics to prove that they can recite the National Anthem without error. A 2005 Harris poll found that approximately two thirds of Americans could not recite the first verse of the National Anthem correctly on their first try, which ABC new confirmed in a separate survey. Inevitably many will say “I’m sorry I have a higher expectation for the President than for citizens”. That’s fair albeit trivial, however I urge them to sing the National Anthem flawlessly with a camera pointed at them in a packed, echoing stadium led by a performer with whom they haven’t practiced with. All of this disingenuous criticism of the President for showing respect to the country once again displays the hysteria and hypocrisy of the liberals in their endless effort to discredit the President with petty name calling.