Principled, constitution loving and bible believing all characteristics showing Rand Paul is the leader America needs and all characteristics that have won my vote.

Rand Paul truly gets it. Rand Paul is not a 30, 50 or 80 percent Conservatarian but he is the real deal. At a time when stupidity is all the rage and the popular thing to do is advance poor foreign and domestic policy, Rand has learned to say no.

Rand has showed his courage by not just fighting liberals from the Democratic Party but his own party and the mainstream media as well. Imagine any other politician having the courage to possibly kill their campaign to save it. That is exactly what Rand Paul did when he told Fox News to shove it in the debate earlier this month. Or imagine any other candidate brave enough to discuss criminal justice reform as well as Ronald Reagan’s common sense dovish peace through strength foreign policy at a time when it is so unpopular. See this is the difference between Rand Paul and the other candidates. Rand fights for what is morally correct, not just what is popular at the time.

A Consistent Conservatarian
Rand Paul has like the title of this section suggests been a consistent Conservatarian not only during this election but through his whole life in politics. From a teenager posing with Ronald Reagan, to his college days writing for his school paper, to rallying voters for his dad in 2008 to running for President today. Rand has stayed a consistent constitutional Conservatarian.
Rand The Consistent ConservatarianRand has made his voice known on the nation’s nearly 19 trillion dollar debt, the war on drugs, overwhelming regulations, intelligent foreign policy and pretty much every issue in between.  During this time he hasn’t wavered once even with the media hawks ready to pounce on him. Rand has stayed consistent. I could tell you about all the consertive and libertarian things Rand Paul has done and fought for but you’ve probably already heard them. Instead here is a graphic to show an accumulation of all his conservative actions graded by the most well known conservative groups.
Rand Paul's Lifetime Liberty Ratings

Cato Ratings - Rand Paul

                                      Cato’s Ratings are combined. Here are both parts.

Rand Paul Gets Things Done
Though a politician who gets things done is about as rare as a shiny Pidgey they do exist and Rand has shown that. Rand Paul not only talks the talk but he has been trying his hardest to walk the walk. Rand Paul has shown the ability of a true statesman to reach across the isle without sacrificing principals. Senator Paul has found where he can agree with Democrats and pursed change to get results. Examples include fighting the war on drugs with Senator Cory Booker, working to stop the TPP with progressive Democrats and even destroying the Patriot Act with Democratic Senator Ron Wyden’s Help.

Rand Paul Overturning The PATRIOT Act in 2015

Rand Paul Overturning The PATRIOT Act in 2015

Rand has even worked within his own party to help push establishment Republicans back to their liberty roots. An example of this was this month’s vote on Audit The FED. Rand Paul got every single Republican in the senate (except Ted Cruz who was campaining in NH) to vote for an audit of the Federal Reserve. Rand effectively pushed his whole party more conservative including establishment Senators like McCain, McConnell and others. That kind of legislation getting passed takes not only hard work but the utmost patience and humility.

Rand Paul Is A Unifier
A backbone in Washington is hard to come by but even more difficult is someone with a backbone that knows when to use it. Beginning in politics I’ve always admired the bomb throwers and people who stir up the pot, I love hearing them speak the truth. However after getting a job in sales I’ve learned everything comes with negotiation. Constantly attacking and debating people can be fun but when the election is done you eventually you need to work with someone if you want to pass something.

Rand Paul has learned to work with people where he can and when he disagrees to do it in love like a good Christian should. For example the mere fact Rand is working with Cory Booker of New Jersey is a miracle after the fierce race that occurred between him and rock solid conservative Steve Lonegan who Rand endorsed. The two most certainly don’t agree on fiscal policy or even state funding of private businesses (Booker Supports) but Rand found where they can work together (ending the drug war). Senator Paul put personal differences aside for the betterment of the country and that is what we need in a leader.

Rand Paul Reaching Across The Isle To Spread Liberty

Rand Paul Reaching Across The Isle To Spread Liberty

Under a Senator Rand Paul I believe we will see not only a have better economy but a better society. Rand Paul will help lead a political revolution of connection. Imagine Tea Partiers working with #BlackLifeMatters on civil asset forfeiture and Occupy Wallstreeters working with The Liberty Movement to end Cronyism, it can happen. People will obviously still disagree but with the Commander In Chief working with his rivals so will those that follow him. Under a President Rand Paul we most certainly will not have a perfect life, that doesn’t come till heaven. However under a President Paul you will see a better America.