ENDORSEMENT: Conservatarians Must Unite With Cruz to Defeat Trump

2016 is important for many reasons but primarily that over the last 8 years the executive branch has ballooned in power and because of that the next 4 years are more important than ever. The next president will determine at least one supreme court justice placement (if not four), make a decision on Obamacare and could make or break the American economy. Our republic cannot survive another liberal president whether it is a Democrat or even a Republican. With these reasons stated The Conservatarian will be endorsing Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the Republican Nomination and we are praying, the President of the United States.

Our first endorsement went to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul but with him out of the race we had to look at the remaining options. We felt this election was too important to sit out on pure principal. If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination and it could kill the American Conservative and Libertarian movements. Not to mention if he actually gets elected we would have would just be left with a whiter and older version of Obama in The White House.

A close second for our endorsement was brain surgeon Ben Carson as I personally loved his stances politically and morally as well as the fact that he won our straw poll by a land slide. We did not endorse him because  he did not seem like the best candidate to beat Trump. Now I am very glad as a publication we resisted the temptation to give Carson our endorsement as he has endorsed an ego-maniac authoritarian for president.

I myself will be the first too admit I do not 100% agree with Senator Ted Cruz, but at the same time I do not agree 100% with Rand Paul or Ron Paul. We are individuals with different thought processes we will always have different opinions. With that said we must look at not only who agrees with us on the most issues but the most important issues. At this point I believe Ted Cruz is the person and the now the best option for America.

Ted Cruz has proven himself a constitutional conservative standing up to Obamacare on the Senate floor and leading charge on issues most senators would not lead. Ted Cruz has aided the fight for liberty along with Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and a handful of other liberty minded congressmen to push the whole Republican Party farther right. It was not too long ago he was nearly always mentioned hand and hand with Paul and even deemed an offical “wacko bird” by John McCain for his liberty minded stances.

The Republican "Wacko Birds"

The Republican “Wacko Birds”

At The Conservatarian we have a mixed audience of followers and know some of you will love this endorsement and some will hate it, with that said below are the top reasons we endorsed Senator Cruz for President.

Supreme Court Nomination
Earlier last month the political world was turned upside down as one of the greatest defenders of liberty on the Supreme Court Bench Justice Antonin Scalia passed away. Justice Scalia along with Justice Clarence Thomas were the two most conservative judges on the supreme court and two most trustworthy to follow the constitution. Without Antonin Scalia the supreme court has a giant hole that must be filled and if it is filled with the wrong candidate it could mean the end of our republic.

Justice Antonin Scalia - Ted Cruz

Justice Antonin Scalia

Imagine no second amendment, a limited freedom of speech and America without states rights. If a liberal like Trump or Hillary gets to decide the next Supreme Court justice that could happen.

Ted Cruz for the most part has shown himself to be a constitutionalist. Heck he memorized the document at the age of 13!  When it comes to some fourth amendment issues he is not perfect, but he seems to understand better than any other candidate in the race. Ted worked as a clerk on the Supreme Court he understands what kind of person is needed on the Supreme Court. With Ted as president we can expect every person he nominates to the highest court in the land to not only believe in the constitution but to protect it.

He’s A Fiscal Conservative
The one thing Ted Cruz has shown he is willing to do is cut spending and fight big government. Ted has shown he is a fiscal conservative and someone that will fight for the individual and against the evils of an overbearing nanny state.

Ted Cruz would be the first real fiscal conservative to occupy The White House since Ronald Reagan and his principled presence would help save America. Ted’s simple flat tax plan would reinvigorate the American economy in a way this nation hasn’t seen in over two decades. Major cuts to federal regulatory agencies would help American’s retake their country and the American dream.

Ted would get government out of the way so the individual could work or play. Imagine the effect just one of his policies, the simple 10% flat tax would have. Millions of Americans would see a dramatic increase in their take home income not to mention the elimination of unnecessary fees needed to be paid to tax preparers. Instead of filling out a stack of papers so Uncle Sam can take an ever increasing amount from our pay we would only have to fill out a simple post card and can be confident none of our income would be taxed anything higher than 10%. That would be a real boost to the economy.

Ted Cruz Flat Tax Postcard

Imagine being able to fill out your taxes on one of these.

Ted Follows A Less Hawkish Foreign Policy
This is one of my largest disagreements with senator Ted Cruz but at the same time it is an improvement. Ted is attributed with the quote of saying “I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out!” when referring to our bombing of ISIS terrorists. But Ted is also attributed with saying (when referring to how people view Republicans)  “(Everyone thinks we) want to retreat from the world and be isolationist and leave everyone alone, or we’ve got to be these crazy neo-con invade-every-country-on-earth and send our kids to die in the Middle East.” A pretty libertarian stance to say the least.

Ted Cruz is no Ron Paul on foreign policy but evidence suggests he is no John McCain either. An article from the National Review even claims establishment Republicans are worried Cruz leans a little too dovish for their tastes especially with his open use of libertarian terms such as neo-con. In addition when speaking at rallies Ted can often be quoted saying the plan is not to occupy but destroy the enemy then leave, a very Reagan like foreign policy.

Ted is often seen as the chairman of “Christians for Carpet Bombing” but evidence suggests he actually is much further right to the point of having a libertarian view of foreign policy. One in which we mind our own business and keep our military expenses efficient. George W. Bush gave off this same vibe but we are hoping Cruz will keep to his word once in the White House.

Good People Trust Ted
For myself this is a big tell tale sign of who to support. I follow other conservative and libertarian activists and politicians and if they support someone it means something to me.Ted Cruz has been endorsed by prominent libertarians and conservatives such as…

Justin Amash, Congressman (R-MI 3rd District)
Justin Amash, Congressman (R-MI 3rd District)

Mike Lee, Utah Senator
Mike Lee, Utah Senator

Steve Lonegan, Senate Candidate New Jersey & Director Of Monetary Policy at Fix The Dollar
Steve Lonegan, Senate Candidate New Jersey & Director Of Monetary Policy at Fix The Dollar

Thomas Sowell, Economist
Thomas Sowell, Economist

Morton Blackwell, Founder Of The Leadership Institutebono_american_flag_usa_jacket

Glenn Beck,Radio Host and Founder of The Blaze
Glenn Beck, Radio Host & Founder of The Blaze

These are men who’s opinion I hold highly and if they support Ted Cruz it means he must be doing something right.

He’s Not Trump
Last but not least Ted Cruz is not Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is literally the only other option for president other than Hillary Clinton Americans have. It is not a bad option either. Most election cycles Americans would be jumping for joy to see such a principled conservative so close to clinching the nod, this cycle should be no different.

Like usual the establishment Republican Donald Trump is in the lead just like Mitt Romney was in 2012 and John McCain was in 2008. Neither of the previous candidates could win and chances are Trump would follow in their footsteps. Luckily Cruz is right on his heels and can win this if we unite around him.

America needs not just a leader but someone that will let us lead ourselves. Ted Cruz believes in the constitution and our individual liberties. Its time we as conservatives unite around Ted Cruz to help us save our nation. In 8 years we can all argue about if we want Rand or Rubio again but now is an important time for us to unite or we may not have elections in 8 years.

We cannot allow Donald Trump to destroy the conservative/libertarian movements and most importantly we cannot allow liberal authoritarians to destroy America. It is time we as conservatarians unite around Ted Cruz in his campaign for President of The United States of America.