Last night during the presumably poorly watched Democratic Debates Hillary Clinton made an unusual assertion. She saw the recent water problem’s in Flint, Michigan as an opportunity to stand up to corrupt politicians who endangered their voting populace “which is poor in many ways” and who contaminated the city’s water with lead. With that she saw the nearest Republican she could find and landed on the Governor, Governor Snyder to be exact. She called it horrible and Bernie Sanders added he should be fired! The only problem with their story is a simple Google search shows this isn’t a recent problem and most obviously this isn’t the governor’s job, its the Mayor’s.

This problem all started in 2013 when under the leadership of Democratic Mayor Dayne Walling and his council when they agreed to stop buying Detroit City Water like they had been for the past 50 years from the Karegnondi Water Authority. They decided to switch to pumping it themselves from the Flint River to save Money. Detroit was upset they would be losing money and tried to get the Governor to stop Flint but Gov. Snyder refused since it was up to Flint to decide.

Mayor Walling turned on the city’s new water source on April, 25th of 2014 and by the first month of 2015 there were already complaints. The next few months residents kept complaining but the city kept releasing that everything was fine. The city even went out of its way to test homes with lead service lines because they would be most at risk. Only problem is the city didn’t, they lied. They have no clue where those lead service lines are according to government documents obtained by a Michigan Freedom Of Information Act by  This all got so bad that in August of that year three groups delivered over 26,000 signatures telling the Democratic Mayor to do something. From there we got to where we are today.

Mayor Dayne Walling was the key decider in all of this not the Governor, not another mayor or even the President but the Mayor. Hillary Clinton wants to shift blame onto the Governor so she can position herself as a problem solver and the Republican Party as the problem. This is the woman after all who thought it was a positive that the Republican party which represents about half of America is her enemy.

So what was Hillary’s solution for Flint? In the debate Mrs.Clinton gave three actions she undertook to help the “poor” citizens of the affected city they were…

1.”Sent My Top Campaign Aid Down To talk the Mayor of Flint
2.”Issued A Press Release”
3.”Went On A TV show”

Or in other words

1.Get someone else to do her work
2.Say something
3.Say something on TV

Two hours after this Governor Snyder did something according to her but the main question is what at all did she do for Flint. All she literally did was talk about the issue and did nothing about it. I don’t know any real world American that would brag about talking about an issue and doing zilch. See this is the massive disconnect Hillary has from the real world.

Hillary doesn’t blame Mayor Dayne Walling because she can’t imagine anyone from her party could do any wrong, that or she doesn’t want to imagine. In psychology they would refer to this as delusional but in politics its just became Hillary’s go to action because really “what difference does it make?!”

What Difference Does It Make - Hillary Clinton - The Conservatarian

“What Difference Does It Make!??” – Hillary Clinton

The main difference between Hillary Clinton and this Flint Mayor however is atleast he took responsibility for what he did last October and fixed the solution by reconnecting the water to Detroit’s system. Mrs.Clinton has made a career of not facing the truth from everything to the Nixon case she was fired from to the horrors on Benghazi under her watch. I just say we don’t let her continue that in the presidency.