Recently Ambassador Stevens’ sister was quoted “I do not blame Hillary Clinton or Leon Panetta (for Stevens’ death). They were balancing security efforts at embassies and missions around the world.” She may not not blame them but that does not clear the two of fault.

Benghazi is a true example of government incompetence at the utmost degree or rampant treason. In the business world managing many things at once is common place and the analogy used for it is the “pots on your burner”. In the analogy important pots are put at the front of the burner and less important ones at the back however this is not what Hillary Clinton did as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton often put Benghazi (a dangerous embassy) at the back of the line for funding ignoring some 400 requests for security improvements (after counting for those fulfilled and repeat requests) many including requests for extra security personnel. Ambassador Stevens wanted at least 13 soldiers but on September 11th, 2012 the night of the embassy attack that number obviously fell short. This was a fair number if not understaffed considering that June before there was an assassination attempt on a British Ambassador in the same country of Libya.

Requests and Cables - The Washington Post

Picture obviously from “The Washington Post”

Now I can understand Secretary Clinton was in charge of many embassies but with the above information it should be understood of all the pots on the burner that Libya was among the hottest or should be considered the hottest. This isn’t a game of “Sid Meyer’s Civilization” or “Tropico” things don’t just get forgotten for two months without extreme incompetency or flat-out treason. Hillary Clinton should have kept Libya’s embassy at the absolute for front of her mind, to forget about it is complete derelict of duty.

My pastor Tony Scott has told me you can see what someone loves by checking where they spend their money, at the same token you can see what someone thinks is important by where they spend their money. By my summation in 2012 The State Department spent over 1.5 billion dollars according to page 23 of this government document. In order to claim the state department was underfunded then it would have to mean Hillary Clinton thought at least 1 billion dollars worth other things were more important then protecting our most danger prone embassy. By my calculations a solider should only cost $100,000 since in an embassy the soldiers are not moving and supply lines should be set. This is coming from information that says during the Iraq War where it was said troop costs were at minimum $400,000 in a desert setting. Costs would obviously decrease since sunk costs such as supply lines, barracks and such are set and driven down by the fact Benghazi is a large port city. But with this said let me just be liberal with costs and say each solider cost $200,000 per year. That means Ambassador Stevens was only asking for about $2,000,000 extra per year. That seems like a lot but check out what money was spent on in just 2012 instead….

An charging station for an electrical car for $100,000
3 Comedians in India for $100,000
Various Boozes and Alcohols for $415,000 
2,500 Kindles For $16,500,000 coming to $6,600 per Kindle ($6,411 more than retail price)
Literally $80,000,000 to build a military site in Afghanistan that was later abandoned

See the state department had money Ambassador Stevens’ sister is wrong factually and morally. The state department had the money to properly arm the Benghazi embassy and even had time to send emergency back up but they didn’t.  Hillary Clinton’s poor management lead to the death of Chris Steven’s and 3 others and she should have the leadership to admit it.

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