College Democrats at The University Of Toledo Post President Donald Trump KKK Banner

College Democrats Hang Badly Photoshopped KKK Trump Banner At The University of Toledo

Free Speech and bad political propaganda came to a head over the past few days as The University of Toledo College Democrats hung a badly photoshopped picture of President Donald Trump with a KKK Hood above his head. Above is a rather small call to action inviting you to a club meeting. The banner was first approved by the university at the beginning of the week and by the wording of an email released it seems the university did not [...]

Jim Rennaci I'm a Blue Collar Democrat

BREAKING: Establishment GOP Senate Candidate calls self “Blue Collar Democrat” in Deep Red Ohio Primary

Major R.I.N.O. alert in the newly minted Republican bastion of Ohio. Audio has leaked of Congressman and US Senate candidate Jim Renacci claiming he is a “Blue Collar Democrat” and more able to relate to union members that have for so long made up the Democratic base in Ohio.  The above-mentioned incident occurred at a pancake dinner in Cincinnati where both candidates spoke. The Gibbons campaign has said they believe this is in response to Mike Gibbon’s comments on his crossover strength in Cuyahoga [...]

Milo Yiannopoulos Has Had a Rough Week

OP-ED: Milo Yiannopoulos Has Had a Rough Week, But There Is One Thing That Can Make His Whole Life Better.

Conservative commentator Milo is having a rough  week. An old video of him speaking on a relatively small internet show recently went viral in which he seems to bash Jewish people and allude to pedophilia being OK. Regardless of your feelings on the matter that is not the topic of this article. Whether you think Milo was misinterpreted in his words or if you just want to see him burn is of no real context. This article is about [...]

Sen. Rand Paul Complete Repeal Obamacare

POLL: Sen. Rand Paul Is Proposing A Complete Repeal Obamacare. Do You Support A Full Repeal Of Obamacare? 

It is 2017 Obama is leaving office and Senator and former presidential candidate Rand Paul is hoping that Obamacare leaves with him. But Rand unlike some Republicans wants the whole bill gone not just unpopular sections of it. Rand argues that the whole bill is anti-free market and not just the individual mandate hurt the healthcare market but the added regulations as well. Recently Rand Paul was the only Republican Senator to vote against a unbalanced budget defunding Obamacare, saying that [...]


VIDEO: Rand Paul  To Introduce Budget That Balances In 5 Years Without Needing To Cut A Single Penny

“I won’t vote for budgets that never balance” proclaimed the Republican Kentucky Senator and former 2016 Presidental candidate Rand Paul on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon. Sen.Paul said this after a nearly 20 minute speech including multiple instances of government waste and a well built argument upon why conservatives should vote urge their legislators to vote no on the upcoming establishment Republican budget. Rand has long been considered one of the strongest fiscal conservatives within the dirty walls of the Washington [...]

Ron Paul Electoral Vote - The Conservatarian

Ron Paul Receiving A Presidential Electoral College Vote Without Running Is Proof Of His Enormous Impact.

[It’s Happening] Three time Presidential Candidate  and 12 term libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul just passed a large mile stone in his path towards the White House. He has finally won an electoral college vote but he didn’t even run for president! This huge honor just shows what a large influence Ron Paul has been not on just the Republican Party but America in a whole. (Please note he is done with his quest towards the White House but [...]


This “Politically Correct” Thanksgiving Pageant Is Absolutely Hilarious & Super Triggering To SJWs

Jimmy Kimmel hits it out of the park again! A little over a week ago Jimmy Kimmel made one of the funniest Thanksgiving skits ever. But Social Justice Warriors be aware you will be triggered! With quotes like “We don’t eat Turkey, it’s not morally justifiable” and “Check your privilege Indian” it is sure to get at least one laugh from you. Check out the Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel skit below.


Libertarians Prefer Ron Paul As Nominee To Their Favorite Candidate By Slim Margin

Recently we held a poll to gauge The Conservatarian community’s choice for their favorite Libertarian Presidential Candidate which former Ron Paul for President volunteer and owner Austin Petersen won in a landslide and we added an interesting question. The question we also asked was “Would You Prefer Ron Paul To The Libertarian Candidate You Currently Support?” and we got some interesting results. Personally I thought it would be an overwhelming yes but it seems Dr.Paul only got 52% saying yes. However [...]


Why The Libertarian Party Doesn’t Win Elections All Summed Up In One Cringe Worthy Status

Just when you thought this election cycle or Florida for that matter couldn’t get weirder meet Augustus Invictus. Augustus is the Libertarian Party’s choice to replace current presidential candidate & Republican senator Marco Rubio’s seat. Augustus literally doesn’t even have a prayer as he is a devout Satanist unless you count prayers to literally everything that is wrong with the world as valid. Augustus drinks goats blood and is calling for a second civil war. If you thought he couldn’t get [...]


The Uber Rich or The Super Poor, Who is Really Greedy?

When someone doesn’t share or something in a trade doesn’t seem right we may often say, “that person is GREEDY!”. But a concept I love to look at is who really is greedy, The person who doesn’t want to share or the person that wants to make them share? The Nobel Prize winning economist economist Milton Friedman discusses this in depth in the below video… Milton is right in the video that really everyone to a degree is greedy. We all [...]