Rand Paul's Audit The Fed Vote - 2015

Audit The Fed Vote Count, You’ll Never Guess Which Tea Party Presidential Candidate Didn’t Show!

In a close 53-44 vote with only 7 more votes needed Ted Cruz of all Senators did not show up to vote. This is a surprise as even Marco Rubio who has become famous for missing votes was able to come and vote yes. Senator Cruz has denounced the Fed’s policies in debates and in order to court former Ron Paul supporters. He has ran as a libertarian-lite or as many people would call a Conservatarian (The name of [...]

Why Does Government Think It Is 3 Times More Valuable Than God? - The Conservatarian

Why Does Government Think It Is 3 Times More Valuable Than God?

Tithe:What God asks for as a percentage of your income for you to show your respect and trust to him. The Tithe is 10% of your income. Taxes:What Government takes by force or threat of force as a percentage of your income for you to pay for “essential services” or what they deem essential. Currently in the US taxes are near impossible to lock down between your income tax, property tax, sales tax, consumption tax, and not to mention taxes like the [...]

Rand Paul vs Marco Rubio On Foreign Policy Who Would Ronald Reagan Choose?

Rand, not Rubio is America’s Next Ronald Reagan

With Iowa and New Hampshire’s first in the nation primaries coming up soon Republican candidates are more and more positioning themselves to show their true selves or to what they think voters want their true selves to be. Par usual all candidates are trying to prove they are the real heir to the Reagan Republican dynasty. But who really is? The most popular opinion among the establishment crowd is Marco Rubio. He talks well and looks good. To those looking [...]

America Wants Immigrants NOT Welfare Recipients - The Conservatarian

America Wants Immigrants, NOT Welfare Recipients

America, the land of the free and home of the brave. The land of opportunity. However today many people are seeing it as the land of everything for free and home of the afraid. Instead of the land of opportunity it is becoming the land of welfare perpetuity. American immigrants working hard on building our nation’s vast railroad system. People all over the world still want to come to America but ever increasingly Americans themselves do not want people coming. Over and [...]