Donald Trump Copies Rand Paul Hoping For Boost
Donald Trump coming off one of the worst weeks of his campaign says no to this Thursday’s FOX & Google debate. Analysts at this blog, The Conservatarian are reasoning Trump is more than likely scared of retribution for his liberal past and comments this week linking him with establishment forces as well as a swift rejection by large swaths of the Tea Party including Glenn Beck, Thomas Sowell and William Buckley’s National Review. Trump has in the past supported partial birth abortion, an increase in taxes and even his possible opponent Hillary Clinton as shown by this graphic released by National Review which has seemed to go viral. These are attacks that were first started by Rand at the beginning of the campaign.

National Review -#AgainstTrump

All signs point to Donald noticing an upward swing in the Paul campaign after he refused to join the undercard debates. Trump’s team more than likely noticed and got the idea to not only hide Trump’s record before the crucial Iowa caucus but possibly make it into a positive. However the main difference is Rand Paul was not allowed to participate, Trump refuses to participate. Question is will Trump’s tactic to run and hide while candidates like Paul, Cruz and Carson battle it out on the main stage help or hurt him? Only time will tell.