BREAKING: Donald Trump canceled his 2016 appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and where he went instead is telling.
Donald Trump Kansas Facebook Post
Donald says in this post instead of give one of the most important speeches in most conservatives careers he will be flying to Kansas to begin the caucus process however why would he do such a thing if he really thought he was a shoe in to win? The mere fact he would miss such an important event shows he is scared of his numbers in Kansas and he has good reason to be.

Recent Public Policy Polling conducted on the 2rd of March through the 3rd shows a major chink in Donald’s armor and that is Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Though Trump often brags about his poll numbers the pudding is telling us a different story. Cruz in this latest poll is show to be just within the margin of error of winning. This complied on the fact that Cruz is said to do better in Closed Caucus states and Trump will do worse in closed primary states makes Kansas look like a coming win for Cruz.

KS Presidential Caucus Survey - The Conservatarian

PPP Polling completed on March 3rd preformed on March 2nd-3rd. Click picture for further information.

Should Cruz win this it will most definitely be the shot in the arm to help his campaign over take Trump’s.

Do you think Cruz will be the winner of today’s primary in Kansas Caucus? Answer below in the comments.