BREAKING: Trump Campaign Paying Teen Protesters To Attack Ted Cruz Before The SEC Primary

Yesterday we posted an article about suspicious teenage protesters at a Ted Cruz rally in Atlanta Georgia. The Protesters had extremely nice signs and no real interest in politics. We suspected a campaign was paying the teenagers to attack Cruz. After further research we have found this was indeed the case. These young men were paid protesters hired by the Trump campaign.

This story was verified by Michaele Swiderski, a Ted Cruz supporter who witnessed the suspicious protesters in action.

“I was at the Atlanta rally. My friend dropped me off at event and then went to park, so I stood outside gate waiting for her. These guys in the picture came up to gate to hold these signs. A Cruzer came up to nicely talk to them and they admitted they were with Trump. A little later the park police asked them to move away from the entrance. The one holding that Ted talks Ted lies sign in picture called his “boss” and told him they were being asked to leave and asked what they wanted him to do, then said “We are still getting paid right”. They were clearly trained not to speak to anyone. I stood right by them for 20-30 minutes and several people tried to talk to them and they would not say much of anything, would not engage. The only thing they admitted was they were with Trump. It was clear he was paying them to protest Cruz.” – Michaele Swiderski

Michaele Swiderski with Ted Cruz

Michaele Swiderski with Ted Cruz

This backs up our suspicions that these teenagers were paid. This explains the fancy signs, the lack of knowledge and silence of the protesters. Trump is desperate and this shows it. Trump knows Cruz is his closest competitor and only candidate who can take his votes. With that being said Trump is trying to take Cruz on with everything he’s got without really looking like he is giving it all he’s got.

With Trump’s past harassing old ladies with eminent domain, comparing presidential candidates to child molesters, history of lying and more this all fits together. Trump is no friend of liberty and no ally of America.