Jim Rennaci I'm a Blue Collar Democrat

Major R.I.N.O. alert in the newly minted Republican bastion of Ohio. Audio has leaked of Congressman and US Senate candidate Jim Renacci claiming he is a “Blue Collar Democrat” and more able to relate to union members that have for so long made up the Democratic base in Ohio.  The above-mentioned incident occurred at a pancake dinner in Cincinnati where both candidates spoke.

The Gibbons campaign has said they believe this is in response to Mike Gibbon’s comments on his crossover strength in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland Area) thanks to his father’s connection with the Unions in the area. They believe Jim Renacci was trying to outdo Gibbons in some strange way.

When writing this article we reached out to the Renaci campaign for a response but have yet to receive one. This was only done at 8:42pm today (March 3rd). If a response is given an update will be made. Regardless of the campaign’s response though the stunning audio speaks very clearly for itself.

Detractors will be quick to use this as ammunition that Renacci truly is the most liberal candidate. But this isn’t the first time dirt has been found about Renacci. In April of last year, Conservative Review published a list of names receiving funds from the moderate “Tuesday Group” and Jim’s name was on it receiving $10,000.00.  In addition, many have wondered how conservative Congressman Renaci really is if he is not joining the conservative “Freedom Caucus” chaired by Jim Jordan who hails from the same exact state.

This could really be an opening for underdog outsider Mike Gibbons. Mike has been self-funding his campaign since Josh Mandel was in the race. Many would argue he is most certainly not in first especially since the Ohio Republican Party has somehow endorsed Renaci mid-primary. But could this be an opening for Mr.Gibbons to show himself as the most conservative and most Republican in the race? Only time will tell.

Regarding Congressman Renaci’s comments and regardless of your view on him one has to wonder how he will backtalk or explain this gaff. Will Ohio Republicans want to elect a candidate who claims to be a Democrat? If no and he still believes he can positively affect change in America the question then becomes is Congressman Renaci running in the wrong primary?

Video: Jim Reneci’s comments on being a “Blue Collar Democrat”