2016 Libertarian primary contender Austin Petersen dropped a bombshell under an hour ago posting the following post unto his political page suggesting a 2018 US Senate run in his home state of Missouri is a strong possibility.

Another strong indicator is the fact his volunteer Facebook group changed names from “Austin Petersen for President” to “Austin Petersen For U.S. Senate”

Strangely though the Libertarian politician clarified he wasn’t sure which political party he would be running under a putting a poll on his page asking “Which political party (if any) should I choose, if I decide to run for US Senate?” Petersen also put out the following statement.


When Petersen ran for President he had strong conservative and libertarian support suggesting he may run as a Republican which would greatly improve his odds. Petersen had endorsements from Glenn Back, Mary Matalin, Erick Erickson and even this publication The Conservatarian.

Announcing to run for a political seat this early is very unusual however it has been done and even this year. The example being Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel who has already announced his candidacy for the US Senate. Candidates will often do it in hope to box out other candidates hoping to run or to give them extra time to campaign. We are not sure Petersen’s strategy but if he is running Republican it may be the first one. Wikipedia suggests if Austin ran under the GOP ticket his lone potential primary challenger thus far is U.S. Representative Ann Wagner but plenty more are sure to rise up. The current senator is Two-term Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill who won with only 55% of the vote in 2012. With the horrible Democratic defeats in 2012 and 2016 it looks like 2018 might be a bad year for McCaskill especially if she is fighting a young experienced opponent like Petersen in a two party general election.

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