It's Not Happening Bernie Sanders, Get Off Our Ron Paul Meme

It's Not Happening Bernie Sanders, Get Off Our Ron Paul Meme

Not even one day into the New Year and Bernie Sanders expands his portfolio from moronic lack of common sense having pushover to moronic lack of common sense having pushover with no respect. What did he do?

Bernie Sanders a confirmed anti-economics socialist has stolen a Ron Paul meme and placed his face over Ron Paul! Bernie sent it out with a tweet saying “It’s Happening” after receiving 1 million donations from different individuals. News to Bernie, it ain’t happening for you.

The “It’s Happening” meme is a celebratory meme to declare liberty is winning which is the opposite of what’s Bernie represents. Bernie represents the worst of human economic intelligence. If Bernie wish for his face to be over any meme photo it should be of the kid with a steel knife about to stick it in a live outlet. It will read “This kid is going places… not the White House but places.”

Kid is going PlacesThe picture is fitting because you literally have to be that stupid to believe you can spend yourself out of debt and that government can provide better than the private market. Actually let me take that back, you have to be stupider. At least with the kid with the knife example we can assume this would be the first time he’s ever tried sticking metal objects into electical outlets. Maybe the kid in the picture has just never observed the aftermath so he doesn’t understand consequences. However Bernie has seen the U.S.S.R fall, North Korea’s epic lack of prosperity and read about the horrendous conditions of America under FDR and the Great Depression which literally lasted his whole four term presidency. Repeating an action after full-bore knowing the repercussions is far stupider which is the boat Bernie is in with Socialism.

But not only does Bernie insult Ron with his complete nonfactual fairy economics and refusal to learn from mistakes but also his voting record. Ron’s most famous legislation had been Audit The Fed. Bernie Sanders who claims to be against big banks showed his true colors by giving corrupt Wallstreet insiders all the money they need by attempting to gut the famous bill. It seems Bernie took the knife out of the socket just long enough to stab Ron in the back.

All this aside let’s pretend Bernie isn’t a content thief and pretend he’s actually running for president, truth is he has no chance. See Bernie is no Barack Obama. Politically he has no spine and more than likely the same would be in his leadership. I can’t say Obama is a strong military leader but I don’t recall him bending over backwards to defend his at the time opponent Hillary Clinton. If I recall Obama ran for president unlike Bernie who is running for the second seat on the losing ticket for president in 2016. Bernie not only doesn’t attack Hillary but overlooks and defends her. There is small stuff like the bathroom incident and also some pretty major things like not going after Hillary’s emails from Benghazi.

Please Choose me. I'll do anything. Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton.

Look the cold truth is its NOT happening for Bernie and never will. Bernie is weak and unprincipled, the exact opposite of Ron Paul. Ron Paul stood up to members of his party at ever turn. Bernie kneels like a dog to Hillary and party leaders at every turn. The only thing he ever stood up for was gun freedoms and auditing the FED and surprise surprise he caved on both.

America is a center right country that has been made what it is today because of capitalism. Obama only won by pretending to love our economic system. America will never elect a self proclaimed socialist.

However it is happening for someone.

Rand Paul's Return - The Conservatarian

From Bloomberg Finance LP/Getty Images.

Rand Paul, the true heir to Ron Paul’s movement is gaining steam and ready to move to top tier.  Rand is currently polling at 6% nationally among People 55+ (The only people who take landline phone surveys) and has a strong ground game in Iowa and New Hampshire. Rand has also introduced Audit The Fed to the Senate and is getting a vote this January. Rand is consistent on fighting for liberty and about to take the lead. With that said It’s Happening for someone.  But that someone is Rand Paul not Bernie Sanders.

P.S. If This really makes you mad that Bernie would do this to Ron Paul then show him by donating to his son Rand Paul here.

Here is a video of Ron Paul asking you to do just that!