Petersen Endorsement

If Elected Petersen Will Be One Of The Most Liberty Minded Senators In US History. Hawley… Might Be Ok. Maybe.

If Elected Petersen Will Be One Of The Most Liberty Minded Senators In US History. Hawley… Might Be Ok. Maybe. If given the choice would you choose something great or would you be satisfied with something that is just okay? Even if the personal cost to you was the same and the great thing was actually less risky. The above is the choice Republicans in Missouri will be asked this Tuesday, August 7th, 2018. If you want a Senator driven by [...]

Donald Trump And Putin

OP-ED: War Isn’t A Good Thing. Trump Attempting Diplomacy Is.

Before President Trump was elected to the highest office in the land “top political analysts” predicted he would have started World War III by the end of his second year. We are five months away from that day in history but it seems quite the opposite is shaping up to happen. It is likely that by the end of President Donald J. Trump’s first term we will see the most stable relationships ever between us and some of the countries [...]


AUDIO: Bill Clinton a Rapist & Hillary His Advocate. Juanita Broaddrick Tells It All.

Often in politics politicians, policy and positions are painted in broad strokes especially by the left wing media. However the above title is not a broad stroke but the true unfiltered story of a woman who was raped and is now fighting back. With news of Bill Clinton’s sardonic apology of his #MeToo apology let this remind you. Bill Clinton is a rapist and an evil man. A heartless sardonic apology does not wipe away the sins he committed [...]

Pro-Gun Students

[PROOF] Not All Kids Are Liberal, Look At These Pro-Gun Students Standing Up For 2A Rights!

A few weeks ago a fellow Conservatarian who follows this page sent us an image of him and his high school classmates doing something not rarely shown in the media today, showing some common sense. This Conservatarian Johnathan Sundet did this by showing up to a gun march at his school but marching FOR gun rights with a few of his friends. Below is a picture of Johnathon and his friends at the gun march with signs reading “guns don’t kill [...]


VIDEO: Liberal Opinion Editor of College Newspaper Caught Ripping Down Pro-Gun Fliers At The University of Toledo

Remember when you were in college and you always thought your left-leaning newspaper was just a tad biased? Well at The University of Toledo students suspicions are being proved right. The student group, The Young Americans For Liberty on the campus published the below video to their Facebook page Tuesday night. The video shows opinion editor for The Independent Collegian, Jessica Harker grabbing a handful of fliers promoting a speaking engagement involving Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America and [...]

College Democrats at The University Of Toledo Post President Donald Trump KKK Banner

College Democrats Hang Badly Photoshopped KKK Trump Banner At The University of Toledo

Free Speech and bad political propaganda came to a head over the past few days as The University of Toledo College Democrats hung a badly photoshopped picture of President Donald Trump with a KKK Hood above his head. Above is a rather small call to action inviting you to a club meeting. The banner was first approved by the university at the beginning of the week and by the wording of an email released it seems the university did not [...]


Libertarian Party Shares Support Of Illegal Immigration On Official Facebook Page

Just when you thought the current iteration of the Libertarian Party had gotten tired of embarrassing the early founders and activists of its party (Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, The Koch Brothers & More), think again. The liberal lead party is back at it again and this time proclaiming its support for illegal immigration and disdain for the rule of law. On March 11th The Libertarian Party shared the following statement and the below video. Libertarians do not support classifying undocumented immigrants [...]

Jim Rennaci I'm a Blue Collar Democrat

BREAKING: Establishment GOP Senate Candidate calls self “Blue Collar Democrat” in Deep Red Ohio Primary

Major R.I.N.O. alert in the newly minted Republican bastion of Ohio. Audio has leaked of Congressman and US Senate candidate Jim Renacci claiming he is a “Blue Collar Democrat” and more able to relate to union members that have for so long made up the Democratic base in Ohio.  The above-mentioned incident occurred at a pancake dinner in Cincinnati where both candidates spoke. The Gibbons campaign has said they believe this is in response to Mike Gibbon’s comments on his crossover strength in Cuyahoga [...]

Rand Paul V. Ted Cruz In The Conservatarian Poll

POLL RESULTS: Rand Paul beats Ted Cruz As Conservatarians’ Favorite US Senator In A Landslide

In a desperate attempt to revitalize community engagement we at The Conservatarian asked the question I was sure would start an internal war. Rand Paul or Ted Cruz? This was all after many members of our community griped “where is Rand Paul on our last poll. Well, this time they got to see him and vote for him. And vote for him they certainly did. To my surprise, the poll wasn’t as heated of a contest as I thought with [...]


We Are Going To Win So Much You Are Going To Get Tired Of Winning – Video Sources

Recently I made a video at The Conservatarian and it had a few articles referenced in it. Just because I know those who hate President Trump no matter what will automatically say “W3LL i d0N’t S3e d@ @rt1cL3!?!” I wanted to make this post so they are at their disposal. President Trump isn’t perfect but he is a net benefit for the country. His capitalist positions are helping propel America forward just like they did at our nation’s founding. The [...]