In a landslide victory Entrepreneur and Libertarian Party activist Austin Petersen won our poll by nearly a 2-1 margin to his nearest competitor Gary Johnson. This is coming off of a strong week for Petersen where he was nearly endorsed by Conservatarian radio host Glenn Beck after a strong debate performance.

Final Results, screen shot done at 5:20pm on 5/23/2016

Final Results, screen shot done at 5:20pm on 5/23/2016

This has become Petersen’s third impressive showing in our polls. The first was in February where he came second in a poll of who we should endorse and then in an April poll of who won the Fox Business Libertarian debates.

With a mixed crowd of conservative Republicans and liberty loving Libertarians a win on The Conservatarian shows Austin’s coalition building strategy he has been implementing has been of some success. Our page formally endorsed Rand Paul and then Ted Cruz and has always been #NeverTrump, with this said it shows Petersen’s ability to reach to those ideologically aligned with the LP outside of the party.

P.S. This poll was posted three times on The Conservatarian Facebook page, multiple liberty groups, libertarian groups and within the largest Facebook group for each Libertarian candidate. Poll was active between Friday and the subsequent Monday (5/23) till 5pm.

Please note our site was attacked Spring 2017 and the screen shot of the final poll results was lost.