Rand Paul's Audit The Fed Vote - 2015

Audit The Fed Vote 2015 - Rand Paul

In a close 53-44 vote with only 7 more votes needed Ted Cruz of all Senators did not show up to vote. This is a surprise as even Marco Rubio who has become famous for missing votes was able to come and vote yes. Senator Cruz has denounced the Fed’s policies in debates and in order to court former Ron Paul supporters. He has ran as a libertarian-lite or as many people would call a Conservatarian (The name of this publication). However without Ted Cruz showing up for a simple vote it will be hard to believe him from now on about his seriousness about auditing the Fed. It is not needed to be said but I am extremely disappointed in Ted who has long been one of my favorite senators on this absence of duty.

Ted can talk but can he vote?