Often in politics politicians, policy and positions are painted in broad strokes especially by the left wing media. However the above title is not a broad stroke but the true unfiltered story of a woman who was raped and is now fighting back. With news of Bill Clinton’s sardonic apology of his #MeToo apology let this remind you. Bill Clinton is a rapist and an evil man. A heartless sardonic apology does not wipe away the sins he committed and the multitude of women whose life he so brutally hurt.

Recently on The No Gimmicks podcast, Arkansas businesswoman and recent author Juanita Broaddrick went on record to tell her full story and it is powerful. Many Conservatarian readers may think they dislike the Clintons as of current. But chances are after listening to Juanita’s story you will find a whole nother level of contempt for America’s top criminal couple.

The story of Juanita Broaddrick is a story of government intimidation at the worst levels to suppress the most appalling and blatant abuses of power possibly in history. During the podcast, Mrs.Broaddrick retells of her life before meeting Mr.Clinton, her first meeting and his cold and calculated rape which occurred in the second meeting. Juanita tells how Bill told lies to draw her to a secluded location. Then how he strategically finessed Juanita into her hotel room from a meeting that was to be about his campaign in a coffee shop.  Once there the now disgraced politician physically overpowered her and raped her, biting her lip to silence her during the act. Afterword without remorse and slightly annoyed Bill had the gall to tell Juanita to hide her bruises. But this was not the end of Bill’s demonic behavior.

Juanita tells how as she ran her business ( a top-rated nursing home) America’s most infamous rapist used his power as the state’s top lawyer, then governor then President to subtlety threaten Juanita to keep her mouth shut. Juanita recalls one instance of how Bill sent a letter to “thank Juanita for her support” in other words thanking her for being quiet. Then how Hillary confronted her at an event she tried to leave. As she shrugged off Hillary’s first nice approach she soon got a second rude warning from the future first lady and failed presidential candidate to not tell the truth of Bill as a sexual predator.

Juanita was tortured like many raped women not only physically but mentally by their assailant. The difference was Juanita’s rapist was the most powerful man in the world and a media darling. Even lying about cheating on his wife under oath was barely enough to stop the mainstream media from drolling in wonder of the man that was Bill Clinton. Now remember, this was a time pre-#MeToo. Women who cried rape we’re often not believed and who would honestly believe a small business owner over the well-liked Governor of Arkansas then President of America. Juanita was trapped in the lie and not to her own wishes. Who would Juanita tell?

Well November 22nd, 2015 there was a breaking point. The Clinton’s took too far.

On that day Hillary Clinton claimed, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported. “. Juanita was infuriated. Why is it every woman but her deserve a right to be heard. Nearly 4 decades of silence was enough. Juanita got her grandson to start her a Twitter and tweeted the below tweet.

This tweet went viral and lead to calls from all over. Calls including from the Trump campaign inviting Juanita to face her accuser and be at the debates to stare him and his rape defending wife down. This call came right during the “grab her by the p*say” scandal was at its height. Juanita’s son didn’t want her to go but she went regardless. She knew the Clinton’s dirty underhanded tricks. They lie, they scheme and we all know it’s an open secret, they kill for what they want.

Trump’s word ring true, “mine were words his were actions”.

Let me say finish by saying how damn dare Hillary Clinton try to champion feminist causes after she defended rape on trial, intimidate those that were raped, deliberately lie to defend a rapist and stay married to an old evil man like Bill Clinton. In addition please notice throughout this story the word victim has not been used once. That is because Juanita Broaddrick is no victim. It takes more power, compassion, and courage than a pathetic leader like Hillary will ever know to stand up to a horrible man who would so coldly without remorse do such wicked things. When President Trump said MS-13 were animals he honestly should have included the rapist Bill Clinton and his rape defender of a wife Hillary.

Juanita took a stand. If you wish to help her please read more about her story in her book (. ) and share her story through social media and word of mouth. It’s time we fully exposed the crooked Clintons.