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America, the land of the free and home of the brave. The land of opportunity. However today many people are seeing it as the land of everything for free and home of the afraid. Instead of the land of opportunity it is becoming the land of welfare perpetuity.

American Immigrants Working On Building Our Nation's Railroad - The Conservatarian

American immigrants working hard on building our nation’s vast railroad system.

People all over the world still want to come to America but ever increasingly Americans themselves do not want people coming. Over and abundantly Americans are seeing anyone not native to the USA that comes here as a danger to their well being. But why is that? That is the question that needs to be asked.

The reason is because in this modern era, immigrants have been made to be dangerous. Free handouts from our welfare system and required assimilation have put massive tolls onto our nation’s economy and governmental organizations. In addition minimum wages set above minimum skill levels along with increased regulations have made as expected, an increase in our unemployment especially among our entry level jobs. A danger is being put on America’s economic future. But let me put things in simple English, it’s not immigrants who are the burden but an over sized government.

Immigrants being brought into this country are facing the same “trade in your dreams for poverty” offer as our nation’s poor are. Free welfare, free education,free rent and more are given for kissing the hand that feeds. All the immigrants are asked to do is vote for their benevolent saviors and with a loony like Trump running as their “savior’s” opposite it makes the request even easier. Few people really dream of growing up to be stuck on public handouts and the same true is for many immigrants. No immigrant grows up learning about America wanting to be a leech on the nation’s taxpayers. Most come to America wanting to start a new life just like my great grandparents did and more than likely your’s did too. The only difference is our grandparent’s had all the rungs of the ladder for them to climb. Liberal policies in America have made the ladder near impossible to climb then offered new immigrants to this country a free ride on our backs.

America Wants Immigrants NOT Welfare Recipients - The ConservatarianFor example imagine for a second a Mexican immigrant coming to this country with a vocabulary not much larger than an American toddler’s. Let’s say he’s my age, 23 and a half years old. He’s strong, good looking (like, me ;D) and can work but he’s hard to communicate with. The man needs a job but is forced to compete with Americans his same age with his same skill set but with a much better grasp on the native tongue. Do you really think he’s going to get hired at $8.00 an hour? Probably not, but for him that may be okay. Where he comes from minimum wage is $5.00 an hour so he’ll most likely be more than okay with $6.00 an hour. Plus he knows its a start. Somewhere he can learn to get by in our country. He could live somewhere cheap with a roommate and work his way up so in the future he’s not the one being hired but the one doing the hiring. He could live the American dream. But its rather hard to reach without those first steps and if offered to live comfortably on welfare and not advance he’ll probably take it and be okay with being just above poor (like many Americans would).

Liberal policies keep immigration a problem because they just make them a burden on the system instead of making them productive members of society. They’re true intent does not seem to be the advancement of immigrants but solely the advancement of their ideology even if at the expense of immigrants. The liberal polices pushed by many left leaning groups are the socialist and authoritarian policies that immigrants and refugees fled to get away from. Our nation’s new inhabitants don’t want their previous homeland’s failed rules and regulations following them. They want to come to America not another completely government controlled libertyless state.

If we want immigrants to not be a burden then we have to not put ourselves out there to make them a burden. We should stop entitlement handouts to poor immigrants. If they want to come to this country then that’s fine but they should expect to be able to live on their own or not come. We should also alleviate our school systems. Stop forcing every school to teach every language! It should be easy all public schools teach English and if there is enough demand someone should make another school taught in another language. The school can even be a charter school so taxpayers still pay for their education like any other American child’s but this way it is efficient. You don’t have to hire a $50,000 a year translator for just one student. There are real common sense solutions that can be found in just using common sense and getting the government out of the problem.

America needs to stay free not just for us but for immigrants so we can both live together peacefully without having to rely on one another for forced handouts. It is essential that we keep pathways open and reopen pathways for new citizens to bring themselves up instead of government force feeding them with food the government forcefully took from us. Like the title of this article says in America we don’t want more welfare recipients but we are a-okay with hardworking immigrants.