The 7 Republicans That Voted Against Repealing Obamacare

Early Wednesday according to Fox News seven Republican Senators skipped the term R.I.N.O. and flirted with joining the Democratic Party by not only refusing to vote for a free market solution to Obamacare but actually voting against the repeal of Obamacare.

Would you call them traitors to the Republic? Some might not but traitors to the people who voted them in would certainly be no dispute. So who are these seven senators? They are as followed and next to their name is when their next election is. Notice that the majority of these members just got reelected not more than a year ago.

2018 Re-election

Dean Heller (Nevada)

2020 Re-election

Shelley Moore Capito (West Virgina)

2022 Re-election

Rob Portman (Ohio)
Susan Collins (Maine)
John McCain (Arizona)
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Lamar Alexander (Tennessee)

Earlier this month we wrote what should happen to those who refuse to repeal Obamacare? Should they be recalled? Well, they should be but unlike other elected officials Senators cannot be recalled, however, they can obviously be voted out of office. The soonest to be able to be voted out would be Dean Heller who will be able to be primaried in 2018.

Dean is obviously an establishment hack and politician in it for the money. It is often said politics is the career of last resort and for those without a spine who vote based off of solely, populism instead of principle show that to be true. Those that choose politics as a career to advance the greater good are true statesmen. Men and women like those that ran against Obamacare for 8 years and now refuse to follow through on their promise are at best snakes and at worst words, I won’t use.

Thankfully we have a strong president that doesn’t give up easily. President Trump has been fighting for a “straight repeal” and if we have to settle for a “skinny repeal” then we have still made progress. In Donald Trump’s book “The Art Of The Deal” he discusses how some deals in his former life took years to complete. Unfortunately for the American public, this may be a deal that takes years to complete.

President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter and called out Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski who spent far more than should have been needed to win her race against Trump Supporting Libertarian Joe Miller who got 26% of the vote statewide in a race against Lisa.

In Addition Trump even before the vote warned Senator Dean Heller in more word or less, if you like being a Senator you better vote for this legislation.

We right now have a president willing to stand up for Conservatarian principles and stand up with Conservatarian leaders like Rand Paul. This is time for us to stand with him as well and push for REAL change.

In the coming months I will reach out and try to talk with some locals on the ground about what primary races in these states would look like and how the movements to get these Senators out of office are shaping up.