More research into the sad story that is Ohio Governor John Kasich’s campaign shows another interesting bit of information. After being out of the Republican nearly a month Kasich still has less Delegates than former presidential rival Marco Rubio despite the fact three contests (Arizona, Utah, Wisconsin) have happened since then. Contests including Arizona where Rubio actually still beat Kasich despite once again not being in this race. To make matters just a little sadder it is looking like after Kasich’s fourth post Rubio contest (New York) in the race it still looks like he won’t pull ahead in the polls.

Kasich Losing To Rubio Polling - April 7th

(Delegate Count linked in picture, thank you to for the aggregation of data)

In a strange turn of events as Cruz and Trump duke it out it seems Kasich is still having to duke it out with Rubio. The mind picture this gives me is a chihuahua bothering an doberman. The chihuahua most likely is trying as hard as possible to do what none of us are sure but chances are the doberman does’t care as all. In the same vein of thought Rubio is no longer in the race with most  likely not much though of his polling status but is still beating Kasich who is for some reason still in the race. In both situations no one knows why Kasich or the chihuahua know why they are doing what they do but after a solid five minutes of barking both are equally annoying.

The whole world is wondering, why is John Kasich still in this race?