Just about everyone knows or should know we aren’t fans of Hillary Clinton. But who would guess her social media team isn’t either? Well that’s one would think after reading some of the atrocious tweets sent out by her team over the campaign. I mean just because the media is rigging the election in her favor does not mean her team should try to sabotage it for kicks and giggles.

Below are some of the funniest (and real) tweets and Posts sent out by Hillary’s team.

1. (November 1st, 2016) (tweet)
Who’d think women should work just as hard as men for their money? How sexist (UGH!!!)!!!

But in reality this is insanity. This is Hillary literally saying a class of people should be paid more just based on a certain aspect of their being that has nothing to do with their productivity. Sounds a little sexist, right?

2. (October 31st, 2016) (tweet)


My personal favorite she must know by now people absolutely detest her. She is unpopular, unliked and as corrupt as Anthony Wiener’s personal laptop.

3. (September 12th, 2016) (post)

Clinton PepeCan you even believe this is real? Hillary’s campaign went on a full blown attack on an internet meme about a frog. Nice to see a leader so untempered that she’ll attack internet Trolls and lie about the purpose of a meme for her own political gain. She is a party pooper.

Gotta ask, what’s next attacking Harambe!?!

This is just a short list. Expect this to only grow in the next week till election.