2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen Expected To Declare Candidacy For Senate In Missouri July 4th!

Conservatarian favorite Austin Petersen is expected to announce his next step in the fight for liberty, running for the U.S. Senate in an attempt to represent the great state of Missouri.

Austin Petersen is a long time ally of liberty serving first as a producer on Judge Napolitano’s Fox News show and currently as the founder of Stonegait LLC and The Libertarian Republic. Petersen has long been a fan favorite here at The Conservatarian where he first won our Libertarian nomination poll then our support for the nomination. In 2016 took his first attempt at politics and ran for the nomination of the Libertarian Party to run for President of the United States of America.  Petersen’s attempt for better or worse was ended by left leaning Libertarian Gary Johnson who garnered a rather pathetic 3.27% but ever since he hasn’t stopped staying involved.

Petersen started considering running for U.S. Senate in his home state of Missouri back in January of 2017. When Austin posted a pretty obvious hint with a campaign logo design. Forward 6 months and it seems Petersen is only getting more obvious with his hints.

Petersen BBQ Announcement

Could this be an announcement celebration?

The image to the left has been circling around the liberty circles after being posted by Petersen a few days ago. It is expected for Austin to announce his candidacy to run against Senate Claire McCaskill the Liberty BBQ (which is free for those who register). The question now on everyone’s mind is which party Petersen will choose to run as Republican or Libertarian. You can expect support to be high with either choice of party. But you can expect the former LP candidate to actually stand a chance if he declares to run through the GOP.

As far as political viability the Missouri Senate seat is very open. Many news outlets including The Hill and even the current  Senator, Claire McCaskill say the seat is up for grabs. In the 2016 election Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a whopping 18% here in Missouri. As expected Gary Johnson got 3.5% here. If Petersen decides to run Republican and makes it through the primary then he is nearly guaranteed a seat in the United States Senate assuming the 2016 trend keeps up.

Missouri 2016 Presidential Election Results H/T Politico

Missouri 2016 Presidential Election Results H/T Politico

The Republican side of the race will most likely be very fierce as who wins will most likely be very well backed by the National Republican Campain Committee. Petersen can only hope for a crowded field as his unique brand of conservative libertarianism has garnered him a solid following that would likely not waiver like other candidates’ core supporters.

UPDATE: Austin Petersen’s Live Video from June 30th has been added to this article where he emphasizes that the party he runs in does not matter, his principles will not change. This is a pretty clear sign we can expect Austin to announce he will be running as a Republican.